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London Psychic, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant, specialising in Palmistry and Emotional Healing

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London Psychic and clairvoyant

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London psychic Philena is a Palmist, Tarot Reader and Clairvoyant, specialising in Palmistry and Emotional Healing.

Philena has had over 35 years experience reading hands from all over the world. Many of her clients fly to the UK specifically to see her.

Your life is written in your hands, you are unique. Your hands are unique, and no two people on the planet throughout all of time have ever had or will ever have identical palm prints, or for that matter identical lives. Palmistry is a science not a psychic art, and can be learnt by anyone prepared to put in the required hours of study; however to become a good Palmist one needs to be able to predict events with accurate dating. Philena has always had a reputation for being able to do this. She has her own unique timing chart, which enables her to date accurately; this timing chart can be taught with ease to those wishing to take up the study of Palmistry.

London Psychic and clairvoyant

If you would like to have a professional hand reading or to study the science of Palmistry this is the website for you.

In the late eighties Philena developed her own method of healing using sound, which enables you to let go of the blocks which are holding you back and to create the future you would like. Philena can help you to transform your relationships and bring harmony into your personal and professional life.

You have more control over your general health and emotional well-being than you may realise. By learning to use sound to remove the blocks in your life, you open yourself up to a much happier and healthier future. Pain that you may be carrying from past traumatic experiences, broken relationships or lost loved ones can be released, allowing you to go forward in life without being afraid of the past repeating itself.

If you would like to experience the joys of true healing and be given the tools to create the future that you want, this is the website for you.

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