Know That You Are Loved – Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone
For information on Philena's Book. Published by O-Books, June 2010, £7-99.

Space Healers
Space Healers are a team of people who work individually and together in groups of 2 to 4, to heal people's properties – homes, businesses, land and construction sites. This is done by removing stale or stuck energy, removing ghosts, dealing with Geopathic Stress, or applying Feng Shui and Shamanic principles. Space Healers provide a team of experts who can, between them, solve all the various causes of ailing properties.
Space Healers are a group of professionals who have expertise in different areas of healing, Spirit Release and Energy Clearance.

Ruth Rankin and Bryan Andrews
Colourful and vibrant paintings of flowers and landscapes by two artists who adore art, France and each other.

Elaine Molloy
Elaine Molloy is medically intuitive. She has been working in the field of Ayurveda and energy healing for the past 20 years. Elaine uses Ayurveda, muscle testing, and energy healing to discern where your health issues are coming from and provides practical advise on how to heal them. She offers medical intuition and distance healing along with intuitive readings on career, relationships and finances.
Psychic readings from UK psychics, clairvoyants, tarot readers, mediums and astrologers. Info on all things psychic, metaphysical and spiritual.

Instant Psychic Readings

If you would like a psychic reading now or if you are unable to wait until Philena is available for an appointment, she suggests that you telephone 09063 442115 where you will be able to speak to another genuine psychic. Calls are recorded for your protection and are charged at £ 1.53 per min from BT Landline, plus network extras. Mobile calls cost more.

Alternatively you can text a psychic and receive a discreet and quick reply directly to your mobile.

Just text PHILENA and your question to 81007 and a live psychic will reply as soon as possible with a reply to your individual question. Text replies cost £1.50 on most networks and you may receive 2 in reply to a single text.

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