There are many different schools of Palmistry. The method Philena originally learnt in 1973 was based on Cheiro's method; however over the years she has developed her own method, which now bears little resemblance to Cheiro's. She has her own unique timing system, which has given her a good reputation for accuracy. This system can easily be taught to anyone.

Palmistry consists of Chirognomy and Chiromancy. The former is the study of character from the hands, and the latter is the ability to read the past, present and future from the hands. To be able to predict future events with accurate dating is what makes a good palmist. There are few people alive today who are good at this art, and many of these have been past students of Philena.

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Information for Palm Readings

From the palms of your hands Philena can accurately date the major events of your life, past, present, future, as well as describe your character together with abilities and potentials. A good in-depth hand reading is something one may have done 2 or 3 times in a lifetime. Although the lines on the hand can change, they do so slowly over time, but your basic handprint tends to remain the same. One of the advantages of a good hand reading is that it enables you to make the most of your life and to understand yourself. It warns you of possible problems in advance so that you can take steps to avoid them.

Philena reads hands directly from your palms when you come in person. For Skype and Phone Readings, Philena uses good quatlity photographs of the palms of your hands. For an in-depth reading you need to come in person.

For information on Skype and Phone Readings click here.
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Palmistry Tuition in person

To learn Palmistry requires 6 to 8 lessons of approximately 2 hours each. One to one tuition costs £80 per hour.

Philena is willing to travel to teach groups of 6 or more. Her Palmistry course can be taken over a period of 3/4 days; 2 weekends 2-4 weeks apart are recommended.

Philena is willing to travel anywhere in the world to teach groups of people. If interested please contact Philena directly.


Instant Psychic Readings

If you would like a psychic reading now or if you are unable to wait until Philena is available for an appointment, she suggests that you telephone 09063 442115 where you will be able to speak to another genuine psychic. Calls are recorded for your protection and are charged at £ 1.53 per min from BT Landline, plus network extras. Mobile calls cost more.

Alternatively you can text a psychic and receive a discreet and quick reply directly to your mobile.

Just text PHILENA and your question to 81007 and a live psychic will reply as soon as possible with a reply to your individual question. Text replies cost £1.50 on most networks and you may receive 2 in reply to a single text.

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